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George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver was born in 1864. His exact birth date was unknown. He was born at Diamond Grove, Missouri. He died in the year 1943. He is now very famous because he invented 300 uses for peanuts and sweet potatoes. One use of peanuts is to make peanut butter. He also taught the southern farmers how to improve their crops. He has produced 500 shades of dye. In College, he gained a Bachelor of Science. He taught classes about soil conservation. He has many brothers. His mother was kidnapped and his father disappeared. His small brother, George, loved nature and had the nickname, “The Plant Doctor”. Mr. Carver has made many important inventions. By Adithya

Ruth J MIRO was born in New York City. She was raised in the Bronx. She is the inventor of personalized paper rings. She has received many awards and certificates including the Wall of Tolerance for her public stand against hate and justice and intolerance, and those leading the way toward a more peaceful America.
Ruth Miro has been issued U.S. patent #6,113,298 for paper ring and patent #6,764,100 for a stationery organizer. BY ALISSA

Norbert Rillieux invented a sugar processing evaporator and an improved sugar refining process. He was born in New Orleans. His dad was a plantation farmer. His mother had been a slave. He was born in 1806. He died in 1894. By Vladimir

Patricia Bath
Hi my name is Patricia and I am going to talk about Patricia Bath.
So this is how it starts. Patricia Bath was born in 1942 in Harlem.
Patricia was a brilliant student in high school. She won scholarship that
Enabled her to peruse a medical degree. Patricia’s father was Rupert and her mother
Is Gladys. In 1980`s Patricia worked with YAG. Her invention was a laser for
The eye so if you are blind, it will help. Half of Patricia’s patients were blind.
In 1959 at the age of 16 Patricia participate in a summer program offered by the
National Science foundation at Yeshiva University.
In 1999 she developed the puled ultra sound method for emulsifying and removing lenses afflicted with cataracts.
Patricia Bath got married a few years later and had a daughter while completing
A fellowship in 1974. Later on Patricia Bath moved to Los Angela’s with her daughter
To join the faculty at the University of California.
Patricia Bath still continues to advocate telemedicine, direct the AIPB, and
Dedicate time to her lifelong passion the prevention, treatment an cure blindness.

Otis Boykin invented a pacemaker. He was born in 1920. His birth date was in Dallas,,Texas. He began his career as an aircraft producer. One of Mr. Boykin’s achievements were to invent a type of resistor used in computers, radios, television sets and a variety of electronic devices. Ironically, Otis Boykin, who invited a device to stimulate heart action died in Chicago, Illinois of heart failure in 1982. By Anosh

LYDA NEWMAN: Hairbrush
On November 15, 1898 Lyda Newman invented a hairbrush. Lyda’s hair was always messy, so then she decided to invent a hairbrush. It was easy to clean and had air chambers to provide air during brushing. By Danielle

Elijah McCoy was born on May 2,1843. He was born in Colchester, Ontario Canada. In his life he patented more than 50 inventions
His parents were former slaves George and Mildred McCoy. They fled from Kentucky for Canada on the Underground Railroad. His family was made up of 11 brothers and sisters. At the age of 15, Elijah McCoy served as a mechanical engineering apprentice in Edinburgh Scotland. In 1868 he married Ann Elizabeth Stewart, who died 4 years later. He then married Mary Eleanor Delaney. They had no children.
Elijah McCoy invented 57 inventions, including a lubricator for steam engines that did not require the train to stop. He also became a consultant to the railways.
Many of his inventions are still used today. The expression people use today asking if it’s “the real McCoy” means do you want the real thing. It refers to when engineers wanted his genuine McCoy lubricant they would ask for the real McCoy. After a couple of exciting years the man that invented 57 inventions died on October 10, 1929. By Fadli

Lonnie G. Johnson
Invented Super Soaker Water Gun
Lonnie G. Johnson was born in 1949. He invented the world-famous watergun, the Supersoaker. Johnson's company just came out with a new Nerf ball toy gun.
Lonnie Johnson currently holds over 80 patents and has over 20 more
pending on many products and toys. In 1992, Lonnie’s invention, the Super Soaker® water gun, generated over $200 million in retail sales. Total retail sales to date are close to one billion dollars. In 2000, Lonnie was named to the Inventor Hall of Fame for his invention of the Super Soaker®. By Najib

Sarah E. Goode
Born in 1850
Invention: Cabinet Bed

She was born a slave. First African American woman to be granted a patent for her invention of the cabinet bed on July 14,1885. We now call these beds the hide away bed. By Neha

Inventor of the Gamma-Electric Cell
Henry T. Sampson was born in Jackson, Mississippi. He invented the gamma-electric cell in 1971. This was important, as it was a big step towards the invention of today’s cell phone. Sampson also holds patents related to rocket motors and nucleur energy. By Precious

Kevin Woolfolk invented “The Hamster Workout Wheel”. That records your pet’s mileage or wheel revolution. Kevin thought out this invention. One day he asked himself, “ How many times do I think my hamster travel’s on his wheel?” So then he took a counter and counted the number of times. His hamster’s name is Burt. Kevin Woolfolk got curious. So he decided to make a prototype. He used super glue to attach the small magnetic counter. At that time he decided to patent the idea. He then put a patent on the invention that was manufactured by Multi Pet International. By Jadziah


Traverse Benjamin Pinn was born on 1842. He died on 1897. The county that he was born in was Prince William County, Virginia.
After the civil war, Traverse Benjamin Pinn worked for a few years as a labourer on the military railroad. When he was 26, he was a successful barber in Alexandria. He met a married woman named Susan. E. Beckley. Traverse Benjamin Pinn was the first African-American to be in the common council.

His invention

On November 26th, 1962, African American inventor, Paul E. Williams patented a helicopter, Lockheed Model 186 (XH-51). It was a compound experimental helicopter and only 3 units were built. By Aneesa


Jan Ernst Matzeliger
Jan Ernst Matzeliger invented the Automatic Shoe Lasting Machine. Jan Ernst Matzeliger was born in 1852 and he died in 1889. He was Dutch engineer. He married a native Black woman. At the age of 10, young Jan worked in a machineshop. Jan was supervised by his father, where his talents and mechanical aptitude was nurtured. In 1871, at the age of 19, he sailed the world and settled in Philadelphia 2 years later. He went to Massachusetts in 1877 where he got a job as an apprentice in a shoe factory . Shoemaking took all day long time in these days. H e decided to invent a machine to increase the speed. He invented a shoe making machine that increased shoe making speed by 900%!! By Jadziah

Walter Sammons
Walter Sammons was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He received U.S patent #1,362,823 on December 21,1920 for an important comb that straightened hair. By Chantel

Marjorie Joyner

Marjorie Joyner was born in 1896 and died in 1994 at the age of 98. She was born in Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. She invented a wave machine in 1928. She opened a Salon in 1916. . She was Madam C.J Walker beauty school director. A wave machine is used for a hot gluer for your hair. People still use a wave machine today. By Ayan

Madame C.J Walker

Name: Madame C.J Walker (Sahra Breelove)
Date of Birth: December 23,1867
Place of Birth: Delta, Louisiana
Date of Death: May 25,1919
Place of Death: New York, New York
(Family Background) -Madame C.J Walker was born into a former slave family to parents Owen and Minrua Breelove. She had one older sister, Louvenia and brothers, Alexander, James, Solomon and Owen Jr. Her parents had been slaves on Robert W. Burneys Madison Parish farm which was a battle-staging area during the Civil War for General Ulysses S. Grant and his union troops. She became an orphan, at the age of 7 when her parents died from yellow fever. To escape the epidemic and failing cotton crops, the ten year old Shara and her sister moved across the river to Vickburg in 1878 and obtained work as maids. At the age of fourteen Shara married Moses McWilliams to escape her sisters abusive husband. They had a daughter, Lelia, known as Lelia Walker. When Lelia was only 2 years old, McWilliams died. Shara`s second marriage to John Davis in August 11,1894 failed and ended somewhere in 1903. She married for a third time in January, 1906 to a newspaper sales agent, Charles Joseph Walker. They divorced in 1910.
(Accomplishments)- Madame Walker was a person who built her
Empire developing hair products for black women. She claims to have built her products on a dream where a black man gave her the formula and she made it for black woman to take care of their hair.

Lewis Temple, a blacksmith, made the toggle iron harpoon. Lewis Temple was born in 1800 as a slave in Richmond, Virginia. He obtained freedom and moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1829 where he worked as a blacksmith, Lewis Temple's died in 1854. Lewis improved the efficiency of the hunt and was quickly adopted. However, as he did not patent his invention he made little money on it. His invention was a standard Harpoon made in American whaling industry. It is usJohed to cut through whales. By Jordan and Johnnie

Valerie Thomas


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